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How Important is a Corporate Secretary in Singapore?

One of the requirements of company incorporation in Singapore is hiring a corporate secretary. However, due to the stereotypical connotations of the word “secretary”, the role of a company secretary is often misunderstood, or worse, overlooked. In reality, a corporate secretary performs a wide range of duties that are vital [...]

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Company Secretarial Services in Singapore: Filing and Compliance

Company secretarial services in Singapore help ensure that a business is compliant with the country’s legislation. The providers assist in establishing the company, preserving its good compliance rate. Read more about the advantages of secretarial services in Singapore.  The two main authorities that companies in Singapore need to be concerned [...]

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The Importance of Appointing a Corporate Secretary to Startups

Of the four stakeholders in a company, the one with the least accountability is the corporate secretary. It is no wonder that startups, especially those operating with a limited budget, will question the need for one. In truth, a secretary is one of the important people within an organisation. [...]

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How to Change Company Secretary in Singapore

It is not mandatory for a business owner to keep a company secretary especially if this person does not deliver satisfying work. The best option is to remove him/her and find a replacement. Although seemingly tedious because of possible disagreements with the secretary, the processes involved are quite simple. [...]

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Common Corporate Secretarial Services Offered in Singapore

Some businesses choose corporate secretarial services to comply with the Company’s Act of Singapore. If you’ve recently started a business, you must appoint a secretary within six months of incorporation. If you fail to do this, you will have to bear the consequence of paying a heavy fine. Corporate [...]

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Appointment of Company Secretary – Why Outsource at All

Appointment of company secretary services means affiliation with a company that provides you secretarial services, such as solutions for corporate and legal matters. You pick a third-party company to provide you these services.  Many companies favour outsourcing company secretary services. In this article we discuss the common reasons behind [...]

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For What Purpose Do You Need a Company Secretary?

A company secretary is one of the main representatives of a company who has widespread responsibilities and tasks that he/she has to cater to in order for the company to be on the right track. Company secretaries have to know the company inside out, as they are required to [...]

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